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  • Pre 1977

Mercedes has always been a leader in diesel technology.  The Japanese copied the reliable Bosch inline diesel fuel injection pump design used on early Mercedes diesels.  This technology is superior for running on vegetable oil.  All old Mercedes engines will run vegetable oil just fine. 

  • 1977-1985 240D 300D 300CD 300TD 300SD

*Highly Recommended*  Mercedes used two engine blocks in these years.  One is the 240 4 cylinder non-turbo.  Because these cars are heavy, we recommend to only buy a 240 in stick shift.  The 240D non-turbo stick is the car that runs Africa’s taxi service.  They are the million mile Mercedes that  one the 1.3 million mile passenger vehicle guiness book of world records award.  They are simple, reliable, and somewhat slow.  The 300D, 300CD, & 300TD from 77 to 80 use a 5 cylinder non-turbo engine that is a little faster and is only available in automatic for the US market, but in stick for the European market all the way to 85.

* Highly Recommended*  For those who want to move but also want to own an older Mercedes, consider the 79-80 300SD and  the 81-85 300D, 300TD,300CD, and 300SD.  These all used the 617  5 cylinder turbo diesel engine that Mercedes is so famous for.  The engine provides a lot of power but is also very reliable.  It is the last engine that Mercedes ever build with a cast-iron head, which means that they are more durable and less likely to damage in an overheating situation than later engines.  These cars are our number one pick for someone that wants to burn vegetable oil but drive an older car.  They are very safe, very reliable with the proper maintenance, fairly common, and they love to burn vegetable oil !  Please keep in mind that we are also an antique diesel Mercedes shop and would be happy to maintain these makes and model with our team of professional mechanics for an affordable price using top quality parts.

  • 86-95 190D 300D 300TD 350SDL E300 other models

There are some good cars and engines in these years of Mercedes.  There are also cars that had head issues and other issues.  In general, we do not recommend the 350 SDL unless you know the history of the engine and the head due to its potential head issues.  The 190D’s are fun smaller gas efficient cars with 2 or 3 different engine options starting the early 80’s. 

  • 96-99 E300

*Highly Recommended*  These cars have a powerful diesel engine and have a very nice ride.  The 96 and 97 E300 models are non-turbo, but still peppy.  The 98 and 99 have a turbo engine that is very fast and quiet.  These cars can be found affordably and will drive over a half million miles with the proper maintenance.  These models are our number one pick for customers who want a newer feeling car but want to be in a bigger and safer car then the VW’s

  • Blue tec diesel

We have not yet had experience with these makes and models.  Please contact us and we will research this option at the customer’s request.



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