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Polymerization is a technical term that explains the reaction that occurs between the vegetable oil molecule and metal in the presence of oxygen.  If you have a veggie conversion or have ever seen one, open the fuel cap and look at the algae-like build-up on the inside of the fuel cap or in the tank, this is polymerization.  Different metals react more or less with vegetable oil.  Mild/galvanized steel and copper react more than other metals.  For this reason, many single tank conversions that use the factory galvanized tank will clog after a period of time and cause filter clogging issues as well.  For this reason among other reasons, Veggie Oil Conversions is adamantly opposed to single tank conversions.  Some companies use a copper heat exchanger in the tank which can also lead to polymerization, especially in an aluminum tank as copper and aluminum are dissimilar metals.  Pure aluminum tanks without copper or mild steel are a good solution, but aluminum is still prone to some polymerization.  The least reactive metal is Stainless Steel according to studies.  For this reason, Veggie Oil Conversions is the only company in the industry that offers custom stainless steel tanks that will give the best performance and durability over the life to the conversion with the least polymerization build-up.  Do your research!  Find kits that offer the best materials and you will save money and aggravation over the life of the vegetable oil conversion system.


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