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Vegetable oil conversions add two new maintenance tasks to a vehicle.  All the systems designed by Veggie Oil Conversions come standard with a fuel pressure gauge that monitors the filter life of both the diesel system and the veggie system.  Depending of the level of filtration in which you filter the oil, you will have to change filters more or less often.  If your oil is very dirty, you can clog a filter as quickly as less than a hundred miles.  If you oil is clean, we have seen fuel filters last longer than 20,000 miles!  If you are losing fuel pressure, first visually inspect your prefilter.  If you can see through it with little to no debris, then it is time to change the mail filter.  Some customers change these filters preventatively at every oil change interval.  The second maintenance item is oil changes.  The veggie exhaust created in the engine chamber by blow-by reacts with the engine oil more than diesel fuel exhaust.  For this reason, we recommend regular oil changes on all converted diesel engines.  We also recommend using synthetic motor oils which will not react with the exhaust in the same way.  If you own a VW from 2000 or newer, it is imperative to use 100% synthetic oil and to change it regularly as these engines are prone to failure otherwise. 


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