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Veggie Oil Conversions is the first and only patented vegetable oil conversion system in the World!

Veggie Oil Conversions provides the most advanced and industrial system that allows a diesel engine to run one used vegetable oil with not one but three patents on our system design.  We are the only patented vegetable oil conversion company in the USA because of our superior engineering, system durability, and performance.  We encourage our customers to research the competing companies and to ask us questions before deciding which system is best for them.  Because we have more patents, more knowledge, and more experience than most any other company, we feel confident that you will be satisfied with your decision to use our patented systems.  We have patents on our overall system design, our heated tank design, and our heated line design because we offer features that no other company can offer:

  • Our heated fuel lines are made of custom bent stainless steel specifically designed for your application.  Competing kits tend to offer rubber fuel lines or rubber/metal/Pex designs that are prone to failure and need to be replaced at regular intervals.  Our fuel line will outlast your vehicle and can handle abuse cased by bottoming-out or road hazards.
  • Our stainless steel or aluminum tank designs are the only tanks in the industry that allow you to run your tank all the way to empty, even in the event of hard turns or inclines.  Other companies offer tanks that only allow you to use 90% of their capacity and they incorporate a large reserve.  With our tank, you can go longer in more terrains and driving conditions.  Also, we use metals that polymerize only minimally.  This is a major factor as many of the competitors designs use dissimilar metals(copper and aluminum) or one tank designs(mild steel) which are guaranteed to clog and fail over time.  Additionally, we custom design our tanks for YOU.  This means you can choose to have a big tank or a small hidden tank that will give you a maximum fuel range and take up a minimum amount of space.
Custom engineering our systems to your specific engine and application offers our customers reliable performance in different climates and conditions.  Our patented design will give you the best possible performance.  Our customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and we have a 100% customer satisfaction reputation which is almost unheard-of in this industry!

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