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Veggie oil conversions offers paid consulting services for systems that are not working.  Give us a call or e-mail and let us know that you need help troubleshooting a veggie system.  We are very reasonable and will charge you fairly.  We want everyone to be happy running on vegetable oil and are experts at figuring out why a system is not working properly.  Because every system is unique, we need to handle every case individually and cannot offer advice without more information about the complete system set-up. 

Free advice: Most veggie systems fail due to a clog in the fuel line or the tank.  Before you contact us, buy a valve stem extension for a tire from your local auto store, the longer the better.  Take this and screw it in at the supply line after it comes out of the heated line at the front of the engine with the open end in the line and the closed end out.  If you have one of our systems, it is easy to locate the line because it is the line that is connected to prefilter that goes to the heated line, not to the valve.  Unscrew the prefilter and install the valve stem extension and screw it in tight.  Then take an air hose from a gas station tire filling station and blow the line backwards to the tank.  This will unclog the line, at least temporarily.  After this, you may have to switch back to diesel a few times as the air flushes through the system unless you flush the air using the “no-no” valve (see the “Change your Filter” section for more information).


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